The goal of Porta Capena’s consulting practice is to bridge the traditional gap between business needs and IT implementations.

We strongly believe that the success of a company requires much more than just IT.

Too much money is wasted on IT solutions that are finally not bringing the required bottom line savings.

Our consulting projects usually start with supporting the clients in streamlining the business processes and identifying the right IT solutions.

Once the path between As Is and To Be is clear, we use a Agile based methodology to get the fastest track to true added business value.

IT Consulting Porta Capena

  • Porta Capena team has very well succeed in understanding the goal of the application and the specificities of my business, as well as in building the application in an expeditious way and even in leveling up its functionalities beyond my expectations.

    Pieter Demuynck,, Belgium

  • The people of Porta Capena excell in quickly grasping the project's business context and bringing up adequate solutions, showing extraordinary knowledge of the latest technologies as well as time-tested development techniques. Timing and quality have consistently met and exceeded my expectations.

    Peter De Jonghe, Proceedix, Belgium

  • The increasingly scientifically-based models applied in EcoSCADA makes it more and more the market leader in products for energy management.

    Cor Kleinveld, Grontmij N.V., The Netherlands

  • Porta Capena has become much more than a supplier but our partner in our continuous improvement approach.

    Olivier Voisin, Green Adviser, Befimmo SA/NV, Belgium


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